We are CITR, an Impetum Group company and the leader of the Romanian insolvency market since 2008, with 20 years of experience. We are an ambitious team of professionals whose good reputation has been and is reconfirmed with every success in the field of insolvency. We are all value practitioners, brought together by the appetite for success, with the same common project for the future.

The essence of our efforts is and will be about value. The value that our clients mandate us to save in their businesses. The value of their dreams and ideas. And as for you, the value of your future work, if you will be part of our team. We look to the future with confidence. We know what it looks like and we make it happen. We believe that alongside you, if we are a match, we will be better at it. That's why, through the information here, we want to show you a little more about what your future would look like as part of the CITR team.


For further information about our vacancies please see the job descriptions from the Romanian version of the website