The 950 projects we managed enriched our know-how with relevant insights from almost all business areas.

Our customers operating in energy, financial services, pharma and healthcare services, agriculture, constructions, retail, food industry, heavy industries, petrochemical industry, light industry, tourism, real estate, transport etc. vouch for us and for the solutions implemented together.

 Current procedures

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Paulus SRL Alexandru Moisan Observation period
Panatek Investment Group SRL Satu Mare Ciprian Boiciuc 09.10.2013 Liquidation
Panoramic Real Estate SRL Timis Silvana Șermer 04.06.2015 Observation period
Pappa Reale SRL Brasov Mihaela Bocea 05.02.2015 Liquidation
Pati-Pan Mariano SRL Specializat Arges Bogdan Gorde 05.03.2013 Reorganization
Pavcom SA Dambovita Bogdan Gorde 06.01.2017 Observation period
Petro Construct SRL Salaj Ciprian Boiciuc 30.07.2013 Observation period
Petrochemical Trading SRL Bacau Bogdan Gorde 24.10.2016 Liquidation
Petroconsult SRL Prahova Andra Buțiu 10.04.2015 Reorganization
Pig Farm SRL Alba Ciprian Boiciuc 31.03.2017 Liquidation
Poiana Turda Agroindustriala SA Cluj Ciprian Boiciuc 03.09.2004 Liquidation
Pragmatic Comprest SRL Cluj Ciprian Boiciuc 12.11.2012 Liquidation
Primarom Exim SRL Salaj Irina Mișca 07.11.2014 Reorganization
Primavera Caffe B & D SRL Specializat Arges Andra Buțiu 24.09.2015 Liquidation
Profiland SRL Galati Adrian Lotrean 16.05.2012 Liquidation
Proimsat SA Valcea Aurel Podariu 26.09.2012 Liquidation

 Key projects

We are constantly seeking to raise the standards in the insolvency practice and crisis management in Romania. Our ground-breaking solutions are valued by all the players involved in the insolvency proceedings, whom we would like to thank for their trust.

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Pantex SA

Pantex SA

Pavimenti SRL

Pavimenti SRL

Piritex SA

Piritex SA

Pres Com SRL

Pres Com SRL

Proges SRL

Proges SRL


The firstdatio in solutum of assets to public institutions during insolvency.


Comprehensive financing as part of insolvency proceedings, in the form of a package – financial leasing, factoring, a ceiling for good performance guarantee bonds.


Reintegration of the company in the economic cycle after going through the reorganization process ahead of the established deadline, with the settlement of all debts, following the merger of the three companies in insolvency.


The most complex strategy to save a Romanian brand.


One of the largest financing projects for a company in insolvency.


Recalculation of interests at a uniform level for the monitoring period.


Completion of the portfolio of the debtor company with assets worth more than EUR 1 million.


The Best Turnaround Strategy, awarded in 2013.


The first successful reorganizationof a retailer in Romania, achieved in a record time of only six months.


Awarded in 2016, the biggest real estate transaction involving a company in bankruptcy – EUR 30.3 million, 50% over the price approved by creditors.


The biggest and fastest liquidation in Romania, finalized with a EUR 77 million transaction, endorsed by the European Commission.


The first reorganization plan for a building contractor, by splitting off a publicly traded company.


The largest real estate transaction, under reorganization, in 2016