Insolvency-related services

By providing solutions adapted to each business, we maximize the assets of the debtor company. We currently manage over 400 projects in various phases of the insolvency proceedings.


A phase of the insolvency proceeding where the company tries to recover by implementing a reorganization plan, approved by the creditors and confirmed by the court.

360 Report*

  • A full scan of the company through which we analyze all commercial, financial, management and legal aspects. The report may also contain recommendations to bring the company afloat on the short term.

Financial modelling:

  • Examination of various restructuring scenarios, simulation and their implications.

Reorganization plan:

  • Examination of the root causes of the insolvency and of the reorganization chances, setup of the payment schedule and of the company’s reorganization strategy and negotiations with the creditors to approve the plan.


  • Balancing the company by reducing liabilities down to the asset level or finding ways to generate a surplus from the ongoing business.

Debt for equity swap:

  • A service through which creditors may obtain holdings or shares in the debtor company instead of collecting receivables.

Asset deal:

  • Realization of non-core assets
  • Realization of assets and liabilities
  • Realization of an ongoing business

Share deal:

  • Restructuring through share transfer and company takeover by an investor.

Oversight and reporting:

  • Monitoring specially the implementation of the budget, the payment schedule and also the restructuring plan. Reports to creditors, containing proposals for solutions to correct the measures. 

Debt to asset:

  • Service applicable in case of restructuring procedure or liquidation for the transfer of assets instead of the repayment of debts.

Financing in insolvency:

  • Obtaining funding for the ongoing operations of the company.


  • Operation through which the company’s functional part is separated from its unhealthy part.


  • Operation through which one or more companies combine with the purpose of recovery. 


A phase in the insolvency proceedings in which the company’s assets are liquidated so as to repay the outstanding liabilities. 

Block divestment:

  • The sale of assets which could be restarted as functional businesses.

Divestment of individual assets:

  • The individual sale of each asset in the company’s asset base, through a proper exposure on the market.