Timișoara: The Value of Second Chances – 2nd edition

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Moderator: Cristian Onețiu, entrepreneur, author and business mentor

Cristian Onețiu is an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience, during which he started businesses with turnovers up to EUR 100 million. He was forced to start over four times. He is a mentor for tens of entrepreneurs and a strategic advisor for international companies. Some of his stories and recommendations may be found in the two books he published, Start in Antreprenoriat and GPS Business.

Eusediu Margasoiu, Marketing Specialist, Founder of The Network

After 15 years during which he took the marketing segment of Pepsi Romania at the highest level, Eusediu Margasoiu founded The Network. Since 2008, along with his partner Cristina Gheorghe, he has been supporting the development of over 20 companies. He is specialized in the drafting and implementation of business and marketing strategies, strategic planning, brand positioning and architecture etc. Margasoiu is a member of Romanian Business Leaders and teaches ’Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation’ at the IAA School.

Rudolf Vizental is CEO of CIT Resources, part of CITR Group

He worked as Managing Partner of CITR, leader of the Romanian insolvency market, then he became CEO of CIT Restructuring, the third largest company of the group, focused on business restructuring in addition to insolvency. As of this year, he is focused on the group’s investment targets, being in charge with CIT Resources. He has an experience of more than nine years in restructuring activities and other five years in the banking system. He graduated from the School of Economic Studies within West University of Timisoara, specializing in Finances and Loans, and attended an MBA program within Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) Paris and INDE.

Adrian Bădescu, entrepreneur, owner of Medicis Timișoara

He is an associate and manager of Medicis Timișoara Clinics, the main provider of corporate healthcare services for the west area of Romania, with more than 500 customer companies and 50,000 constant subscribers. Adrian Bădescu graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timisoara and two master programs in healthcare and management. He has an MBA and an EMPRETEC certificate in entrepreneurship, issued by UNCTAD. He is a representative of “The Entrepreneurship Academy” Holland and finalist in the competition “The Entrepreneur of The Year 2015”, organized under the auspices of Ernst&Young. Born and educated in Banat area, his interests and passions go beyond healthcare and include IT, online and media. In business, he believes in consistency, dedication, vision, partnership and, particularly, in keeping the promises.

Andrea Telegdi, entrepreneur, senior advisor HR AIMS Timișoara

Throughout her 22 years of experience in consultancy, Andrea managed various projects focused on training, skill assessment for managers and non-managers (assessment centers and development), 360 -degree evaluations, compensation and benefits studies (AIMS SalaryMap), human resources audit, organizational culture projects, recruitment and selection for management positions. In many of the individual, group and organization development projects she led, she used certified tools, such as: Life Styles Inventory™, Group Styles Inventory™, Organizational Culture and Effectiveness Inventory™, Leadership Impact™, all developed by Human Synergistics International, SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory), Thomas International Management System. Andreea graduated from Economic Studies (International Relations) and obtained a certification in human resources provided by Seneca College of Applied Arts.

Elena Lăslean, entrepreneur, founder of Ellis

The story of the Ellis brand started 25 years ago, in front of a sewing machine, where a young economist was dreaming about the fascinating world of fashion. She first created children’s clothes, then gradually diversified her portfolio to now dressing the wife of the Romanian President, Carmen Iohannis. This trail blazer of post-revolution Romanian fashion, Eli Lăslean, weaves in her workshops a success story, showcased in the showrooms in Arad and Bucharest. The designer of choice of the first lady was born in Arad, graduated from economic studies, had the courage to change her course towards business at a challenging time and tactfully overcame the classic obstacles that stand in the way of a Romanian entrepreneur.

Florentin Banu, entrepreneur, owner of BanuInvest

Former Romanian champion at badminton, he is the creator of two key brands on the Romanian market: Joe (later acquired by Nestle, worldwide manufacturer in the food industry) and Artima retail network (sold to the Polish PEF Investment group, in March 2005, which later became the supermarket network “Carrefour”). This businessman from Timisoara is currently focusing on supporting the three businesses he owns. Along with his brother, he controls, through Banuinvest group, three businesses - Banuconstruct (real estate development and construction in Timișoara), Banusport (a sports complex developed in Timișoara) and Interpart Production (plastic materials and molds, particularly for the automotive industry).