If you answered YES to 3 of the above situation, means that the company is experiencing financial difficulties. A specialist from CITR’s team can help you with a diagnostic analysis to assess the exact situation of your company and can inform you on insolvency mechanisms.;

Our colleagues can help you if you contact us at dezvoltare@citr.ro.

CITR Performance through partnership

With an experience of over 14 years in the insolvency practitioner activity, CITR is a true opinion shaper, a motivation engine in this type of business.

We have an experience of more than 750 managed projects along the way, a team made of 110 specialists and field-experts, a constant and dedicated presence in all the development and improvement projects of this business.

We are proud that we can bring an active contribution in educating the business medium, in preventing but also managing the insolvency estate. Since its foundation, we have put an emphasis on the professional excellence. We are continuously present in the specialty conferences from both the country as well as abroad.

Our associates are INSOL Europe members, lawyers and renamed practitioners, experienced economists and financial analysts.


Our services are covering all the insolvency procedure’s steps and are offering a wide range of methodologies and solutions. We are putting an equal emphasis both on prevention and on managerial education. This is why we are offering pre-insolvency services which can lead to the company’s activity recovery outside the insolvency law, through specific procedures.

Our services


We have been involved more than 750 insolvency procedures. Our clients come from industries such as: real estate, retail, constructions, agriculture, transport, pharmaceutical, food, wood, shoe wear, ceramics, bakery, extraction and processing of oil products etc. Until now, we have already achieved in managing almost 80 reorganization plans.



Our tangible and intangible assets portfolio and assets sales procedures which we are organizing are made public and can be checked-out below.